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Real estate and construction law

The real estate and construction industry accounts for 18.7% of the Principality’s overall Gross Domestic Product, which was 5.68 billion euros in 2017 (source: IMSEE).

The sector generates economic activity that is vital to Monaco, but is also a significant source of litigation. The legal issues relating to real estate in the Principality are a key part of Marquet Law Office’s DNA.

Our firm is able to assist clients at every stage, whether in litigation (relating to real estate development and construction, civil liability, urgent proceedings, expert appraisals) or with legal relations (drafting commercial or office lease agreements).

With wide expertise in the law of co-owned property, Marquet Law Office has been responsible for updating or redrafting the co-ownership regulations of various buildings in the Principality for over ten years. As such, we closely monitor legislative reforms in this field and are intimately familiar with the various mechanisms governing co-ownership and the real estate sectors in general.