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Maître Alexis Marquet

After studying law at the University of Nice, Alexis MARQUET was admitted to the Monaco Bar in 1999, and joined the firm the same year.

Alexis Marquet holds a Master II degree in Economic and Business Law, awarded with honours. His dissertation was titled:

“The Globalisation of Law and the Principality of Monaco”.

In 2007, Alexis Marquet was appointed an Avocat-Défenseur, a lawyer with authority to represent parties and plead before any court in the Principality. He also became a partner in the firm. In 2013, he was named syndic-rapporteur (reporter) on the Board of the Bar Association, before serving as President of the Bar Association of the Principality of Monaco between 2015 and 2017.

Alongside his professional activity, Alexis MARQUET lectures in Employment Law as part of the Diplôme Universitaire de Droit Social Monégasque (University Diploma of Monegasque Employment Law), and also teaches an introduction to Monegasque law as part of the Master II in Private Law and Criminal Sciences course at Nice Faculty of Law. He also sits as an alternate member representing the Principality of Monaco on the Council of Europe’s European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI).

Alexis MARQUET sits on the Monaco Economic Board and represents the Bar Association with the Strategic Council for Attractiveness of the Principality of Monaco.

With a generalist background and specialising in business law, combined with experience in the national and international domains, Alexis MARQUET brings a wealth of expertise to the task of advising and defining the optimal strategy in most legal fields in the Principality.

His working languages are English and Italian, and he is also proficient in German.